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Proudly serving the Cartersville, Georgia community, our Methadone clinic provides adults struggling with addiction the ability to recover from Fentanyl, heroin, oxycodone, and other opiates.

Understanding Addiction

Understanding Addiction and Substance Abuse Recovery

Defeating an addiction to opioids can truly be one of the most challenging difficulties that an individual will face in his or her lifetime. Once addicted to opioids like heroin, prescription painkillers, or morphine, individuals will quickly become entrapped in a cycle of use and abuse that can feel endless. Soon, those trapped in addiction’s tight grasp will notice that all facets of their lives revolve around obtaining and using more opioids, which will have drastically negative effects on their home, social, and work lives. In addition, individuals addicted to opioids quickly become at an increased risk for developing detrimental physical health consequences that can turn fatal if overdose takes place.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Medication-Assisted Treatment for Opioid Abuse

The programs available through Cartersville Comprehensive Treatment Center can provide patients with the life-saving support necessary in order to break free from the chains of addiction. By combining therapeutic interventions with medication-assisted treatment, patients will receive support for both the emotional and physical aspects of addiction. Medication-assisted treatment has been proven to be a safe and effective route to tackle the physical components of addiction and can offer the following benefits:

  • The symptoms often associated with withdrawal are diminished, providing patients with the opportunity to focus on their treatment.
  • Cravings for additional opioid use are lowered, which prevents the risk of relapse.
  • The medications prescribed within treatment are legal prescriptions that pose no harmful risks to an individual’s body when taken as prescribed and under the supervision of our highly qualified medical professionals.

If you or someone you love would benefit from the treatment options available at Cartersville Comprehensive Treatment Center, please contact us today. Our highly knowledgeable and compassionate medical team is here to help you overcome your addiction and enjoy an opioid-free life.